I can not make some track as a solo?

In Audacity I can make one track as a solo - every track has a button for that. It is helpful for multitrack project. But in Shotcut I only can disable video and audio for every non-target track?

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You are comparing apples with oranges.

I don’t understand what you are saying TBH.
I can disable both or either in any track in a multi track edit within Shotcut.

I use W10 64bit

Why on earth are you using 5 video tracks? Shotcut has the very intuitive feature of being able to move a subsequent clip back to left into the previous clip, automatically creating a dissolve. Most videos can be made with one track. Tricky stuff, used to obviate the use of keyframes can take a couple more. But five tracks?trying to help but, again, what are you trying to do?


In this project I need nine tracks - because the source video was made by eight video cameras plus one track for audio. I thought that will be logical to use every track for every video source. This is the video from theatre performance - I need to create the video version of that. Little more than one hundred gigabytes of the source video.

And when I need to preview video on the timeline from the eight line - now I need to make seven clicks for disabling all upper videos. Not always seven clicks - target video may be on the second line. I think that Audacity has a solo button for the same reason.

Ooooh.Kaay! Well, now I’m impressed. Although if I had this assignment I would use another editor. I once did a 3 camera shoot and edited in Sony Vegas but, IIRC, it used keyframing to take the shots in post. That was challenging enough. I’m not sure how you will do this in little ol’ Shotcut. Best of luck to you. Seems like a daunting project to me!


Long story short, there is no “mute every track but this one” button. It sure would be nice to have one, though.

I’ve worked with 4 video tracks and 10-12 audio tracks in the same project. The only choice is to do a lot of scrolling and clicking. That’s just how it goes with the current version of Shotcut. [/smile]


I definitely agree! we need a “solo” feature.
multitrack is cool! for example you need to apply certain filters (gain to files recorded with low volume, or color correction) that, as vitaly-zdanevich says, require the use of several tracks. me too I would appreciate a “solo” button, or double click on a track to enter in “edit one track” mode.

I disagree this is needed and think it makes a somewhat confusing UI about what to expect when you have combinations of multiple tracks with both mute and solo. I do not really care if other tools do it. Next thing people will ask for is individual solo toggle buttons for video in addition to audio. I am not making a tool with a complicated UI full of buttons. There are other tools that give you that. It is not a big deal to use the up/down cursor keys to change current track along with Ctrl+M to quickly toggle mute.