I Biked To the Old City and Saw This / URUGUAY - S2EP63

My latest episode made and colorgraded in shotcut. Btw, does anyone know of a smooth seamless transition tutorial? Something like what “Full Time Filmmaker” has ( TOP 8 “Smooth” Seamless Transitions) but made for shotcut? Tried to look all over but it’s just the basic transitions, not the advanced effects. Any tips appreciated.


Hello @OnWheelsAndWings
In addition to the basic transitions included in Shotcut, you’ll find modern transition effects in the Resource -Filter Set section: Resources - Shotcut Forum

Ben Espanto has also created a number of tutorials, for example: Mask Wipe, with Glaxnimate included in Shotcut ( N°2 in TOP 8 “Smooth” Seamless Transitions):


Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

My playlist of transitions

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