I am transitioning between two clips that looks the same, is there any transition style that's obvious?

First of all I gotta say I was dreading learning how to make a transition, since I thought you would need me to put it on different video tracks etc. Instead it couldn’t be simpler! I love it :slight_smile: (you have to first put two clips directly next to each other on the same track with no gap, snapping the start of one to the end of the other. Then after they’re next to each other and you’ve released the mouse, you can click again and drag them over each other to automagically cause a transition, marked with an x in the timeline. You can right click that section and click properties to select other transition styles. It’s really cool!!)

I do have one question. In one of my clips I’d like to make it more obvious to the viewer that a transition has taken place, because the two clips look the same (like a timelapse). Is there any transition with something like a hard black bar that sweeps across the screen or that sort of thing? (Something to make it really obvious to the viewer).

If not, I might just add a bit of black between the clips instead of a transition. It’s not a big deal, I was just wondering.

There’s no built in transition that can do what you want. You could make your own bar transition.
Overlap the clips. Put a black, or any color clip on a track above the overlapped clips. Add a Mask Simple Shape filter to the color clip. Adjust the width and height.
Use a Size and Position filter to move the bar left or right across the transition.


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I was able to make a color track but adding the filter you mentioned is too hard. Could you do a screen record of how you add the filter you mention to the black track that is over the transition?

The effect you shared is exactly what I’m trying to do.

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply.

Screen recording.


Project you can look at.

Bar Transition.mlt (8.2 KB)

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I downloaded the project and see what you are doing, however I am not able to replicate it in my own project. It is hard for me to deal with the keyframes and I don’t really get what is going on.

Is there any chance you could continue your screen recording from where you stopped at the end of the recording? You left out adding keyframes and it’s too hard for me.

I’m not good at making tutorials.:grimacing:

This keyframes tutorial made by the Shotcut developer should help you to get the effect done.

Also, have a look at this post:

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