I am Confused do you have another Domain also

Hey readers, Today I thinked to search http://shotcut.com/ and actually the whole site was same like shotcut.org and whenever I search for shotcut on google the only result comes is shotcut.org and also the shotcut.com is showing not safe

Is that site legitimate?
And if I search google for shotcut. com google shows the result https://shotcut.com/siteindex/ an after opening that site it shows it is safe

And opening both even made my mind out of world one shotcut.com is unsafe and one is safe at the same time, Am I dreaming? What is happening there @shotcut? Is that legitimate?

They are the same. If you want safe you need to use https://shotcut.com
There is also a https://shotcutapp.com

OK, So they are legitimate now I believe that I am Not dreaming in day. Finally I knew that they are safe.

OK, So they are legitimate now I believe that

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