Hyperlapse or similiar in Shotcut?

Is there a way to do a section of video “sped up” to help reduce overall video length and to “smooth” some of the sections where I’m mainly just walking? Am thinking of reediting some of my videos to do a shorter version that folks might actually watch all of :slight_smile:

You can change the speed of a section by selecting it and clicking on the “Properties” tab. There you can find the adjustable speed property.

So just crank it up as high as I can or… presume best results are as a multiple of the “native” rate?


You can also split the video part. Then, maybe, first part with 0.8 speed, next 0.3, next 1.2.
And/or you can overlap those parts, brings “special effect”.


The rates are at your discretion. You will have to experiment to achieve a result, which pleases you.
I am sorry that I cannot provide you with some guidelines.

Also, I think Stabilize should be done before speed-up because otherwise the sped-up video will be very jittery and confusing to the stabilizer. But I could be wrong, and it would be an interesting experiment to also try to Stabilize after speed-up and then report the results.


See also TimeWarp by GoPro, which is why I was mentioning stabilization.

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