Hware Acceleration def? Dangerous temps turned off

Should hardware acceleration be default if available? I rendered a video with an Intel I5-11600k (using iGPU on PC) without hardware acceleration and the CPU temperatures elevated to 92°C, where I promptly canceled the render. It could have gone higher, I didnt want to risk it.

I turn on H.A. and it renders a little faster while the temps don’t raise above 70°C.

I have read where you can lower priority in task manager. Also, in Power Options you can limit CPU power percentages. Haven’t tested too much but just lowering to %90 seemed to shave +10°C. But of course H.A… weird.

Wonderful program, thank you!

I do not think so. On many systems hardware encoding is unreliable or lower quality.

I do not see this as a problem. Modern CPUs have thermal protections built in and will reduce their clock speeds automatically to avoid thermal damage.

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Rendering for long periods of time and life of the CPU was my concern. Thank you for the info.

You may find this thread helpful.

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Ahh… didn’t come across that, thank you.

I was thinking of adding a second fan anyway to the CPU cooler for the coming summer and/or taxing programs. …and I’ll also look into motherboard fan rpm graph.

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