Huge fonts in text under icons

I’m not sure how this happened, but the fonts in “Open File,” Open Other," “Playlist,” etc., are quite large, much larger than when I originally installed Shotcut. I tried to fix this by upgrading to the most recent version, selecting the option to delete settings. That doesn’t seem to help. Is there a way to get these label fonts back to normal size?

The menu font size is take from the OS your a running on, So you might have changed something there maybe some Accessibillity settting.

What OS and version are you running (Windoswws, Mac & Linux)

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Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version: 19043.1586. I previously made some adjustments in fonts and magnification in the OS, but reset it to normal a while ago. However, when I rebooted the computer, the fonts in Shotcut are back to the way they should be. After loading the newest version on Shotcut, I should have rebooted before asking for help, but in any case, I appreciate your assistance. All is well.


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