Huge audio distortion when using multiple audio spectrum visualisations


When I use multiple Audio Spectrum Visualisation filters on the same WAV file, I get huge audio distortion on loud sections.
The original WAV file does not have this distortion.


The Audio Spectrum Visualization filter should not modify the audio in any way.

I just did a test:

  1. Open a tone clip with a 1kHz tone at 0dB
  2. Open the Audio Waveform scope and see that the audio is at maximum level
  3. Apply 4 audio waveform filters to the clip
  4. Observe that the audio level has not changed and it not clipping

There must be something else going on causing your distortion.


  1. What version of Shotcut are you using?
  2. Have you tried applying a gain filter and reducing the gain of the audio by a few db?