Html text (overlay) is not rendering (Solved)

I’ve been trying to use the HTML Text. In versions from 19.06 to 19.08 the filter is not rendering; I tryed with 19.04 and it renders OK.
In the log of the render task there’s a message that says " Failed to create WebVfx Effects for resource".
The preview is working well, then I dont know what is wrong. I’m on Kubuntu 19.04.

Where did you get the Shotcut you are using? If you are not using a build provided by us, then that might be your problem. I just tested this (including export) in v19.07.15 on Ubuntu 18.04, and it is working for me.

Sorry but I do not know what is wrong. If you are using the portable archive, then make sure you are running Shotcut using the launch script and not directly

It seems a problem with the folder’s name. The project was in a folder named “Vídeos” (n.b. the tilde in “í”). I moved the project to a folder without special characters and all is OK.