HTML Renderer: UTF-8 Filenames

Description of Bug:

Overlaying an HTML file which contains static text, image and a call to a CSS file. There is no scripting within the HTML file.

Html filename: düsseldorf.html
Image filename: düsseldorf.png

In Shotcut, the HTML filter loads, if you open the WYSIWYG editor it looks fine, the filter overlay is visible in the playback window.

However when you export the video, you get a white screen. This can be fixed by removing the accents/diacritics from both filenames.

Expected Behaviour:

Either both the image preview and export fail or both work.

Is your HTML code HTML5? Since the default encoding for this is utf-8. HTML5 is specified by having the statement at the beginning of the file saying:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Prior to HTML 5 you had to specify utf-8 encoding specifically using meta-data:

< meta charset ="utf-8">

The file is HTML5 using the DOCTYPE command.

This bug was introduced in version 19.06 and only affects Linux in my testing. It was due to the change to make the MLT XML locale-independent while still being backwards compatible. If you save the export job XML and run it with qmelt on the command line, it works - at least for me. Likewise, if I run LC_ALL=C qmelt export.mlt then it also has the problem. I am surprised and disappointed that locale affects the filename. Now, I see this is due to LC_CTYPE as described here:

This is fixed for the next version 19.10

Many thanks.

Looks like an odd problem.

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