Html Overlay on Transparent background

Issue: Html overlays on a transparent background color produces no animation. (for alpha videos (webm with alpha)


  1. Start a new shotcut project.
  2. click open other, add color -> transparent (default)
  3. add an html overlay filter (with whatever you want, i just did a simple scroll text)
  4. Export as webm (vp8 vp9 doesn’t matter).

The video shows up as completely transparent with no html overlay when played in a web browser. FFmpeg also shows the video as blank. Strangely enough when this video is played in VLC media player it plays as expected, with a transparent background and animated text. Its to bad ffmpeg can’t use it because that is where i need it to work.

I have tried other ways to do this but its not clean AT ALL (chroma filters) do not work as i have a wide range of colors that may be on these html animations and fade effects on a background that isn’t transparent give a masking like effect with whatever color you used in your chroma. black looks the best but it makes the animation look messy around the edges.

This is fairly important to me so i will check back often.

This is known not to work in the current version. Only the next coming version 19.06 adds support for alpha channel for HTML filters.

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This is fantastic. When can i expect this amazing version?

In expectation of the amazing work you all do i donated what i could through the donation link on the front page. Maybe i can get my work to do a donation if i can give them an expected time frame.

Beta due tomorrow with release expected around June 15.

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