HTML filters - Accessing Shotcut properties

Is there a way to access Shotcut properties so that we can display them on-screen in an HTML overlay? For example: accessing the current position of the timeline (in seconds for example) and displaying the value on-screen using HTML/JavaScript. I think this may be possible, since one of the filters that comes with Shotcut called Simple Screen can access the duration of a clip using webvfx.getNumberParameter('duration'), but I don’t know how it does so beneath that line.

So does Shotcut have ways to access its properties?

Can we access properties like

  • clip name
  • clip duration
  • timeline current position
  • timeline duration


You cannot access those properties. WebVfx can access properties that have been set by some UI that sets properties. duration is special because the general webvfx/ui.qml sets it from the Shotcut QML filter object. Other possible things it could access are listed as Q_PROPERTY here:

Thank man. I’m gonna check this out and see what I can accomplish.

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