Howto - Make Fast Slideshow Intro

I have made a new tutorial on how to use the slideshow function in shotcut to make a cool
intro sequence


Your shotcut logo turnaround and nerdy tim intro made me remember the days of 2010, my edits were the same when I started. They were extremely slow and boring.

But your slideshow is nice. (Except the intros)

Excellent tutorial, very easy to understand.

There is nothing wrong with your intro. If anything, very clever just providing what the video is about in a few words. Where did you get the background for the info?

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This is a tutorial, not a mr. beast video, So it a choice to make it simple and educational, this is not a try to make something fresh and funky :grinning:


I don’t remember, it is part of my collection of video backgrounds.
You can find them here:

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ty :metal:

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