Howto blend video tracks?

Hello everyone, I’m an enthusiastic user of shotcut, but I can’t manage to perform this simple action: blend video tracks… I don’t want a transition, I just want to have more possibility with the “blend mode”.
Not just have “over” or “none” but also “add”, “multiply”, “xor” etc
As you can do with layers in paint software.

Have you tried all the blend modes that are available?
I do not see “xor”, but maybe one of those would be similar.

Hi Brian, thx for reply.
On my side, i’ve just 2 modes available : “Over” and “None” … why ???
I use 22.12.21 and beta 23.04.20, Windows 11, language french, GPU activated.


Ok, I found the trick, if GPU enabled only 2 modes are available…
I guess it’s temporary, and an improvement is already in the works :wink:

Correct. GPU ON is experimental and limited in feature compared to GPU ON.

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