How to work with notes from someone else (work forwards not backwards)

So I’m helping out someone who’s taken the time to give me a list of of timestamps and notes to cut, insert stuff, etc. Super helpful, but I’ve found that I have to work backwards instead of forwards since I’ll be cutting out pauses and errors in the video and that changes the times stamps. It’s a little counter intuitive and I can’t seem to find a way to get a “timeline per input” instead of overall timeline for the video. I’m not sure if there is something I’m missing but seems like there would be something for that.

Does anyone know if there is something there that will allow that or do I just keep working the way I am?


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Open all media into Souce. Make sure the Source tab is selected.

You could also work from the Playlist, just double-click on each video (it will load into the Source Tab).

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts to use within the Source. Tap the ? key to see all of them. Instead of Source, in this list, it’s called “Player”.

Basically from here, you make clips to add to the playlist or to the timeline.

But how do I take that time from the source and then pick the new time in the clip from which I’ve already removed some of the video?

For example: The original video is 5:30 long. There is a pause at 2:00 to 2:30. I remove that pause so the entire timeline is now 5:00 long. Now, from the notes, I need to insert something at the original time of 3:30, well that’s at 3:00 now. If I open that in the source, how do I pick 3:30 from the source and then match that in the timeline clip at 3:00 where it would be now?

Yes that’s a simplistic example and it’s easy to math it out BUT it’s a longer video and lots more cuts. If I was to go through the video first and remove the cuts, then I’d have to keep a running list of where to move each other cut/overlay/voiceover/etc.

Instead of using Cut or Ripple Delete you can Lift, which leaves a gap. Then, when you are done remove the gaps. If you want to mark gaps to be removed you can try to use a marker. If you do not want to use a marker. Open a color clip (Open instead of Add to Timeline), which opens in the Source player and rename it in Properties as like “delete me”. Then, to remove a portion of media, you Split and then use Replace on the part to remove. This replaces the clip from whatever is in Source (color clip named “delete me”). Now, when done, find all the “delete me” color clips and ripple delete those. In case the color clip is no longer in Source, you can locate a previous one and Copy it.

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You can enter the time on the clip here. This is showing 2 seconds.
Time format is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF= Frames per second as set by the Video Mode)

There are many methods of making clips, I will show you one.
You select In and Out points in the Source viewer.
Then you add them to a playlist or to the timeline.

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Hmm there are some ideas. I got too focused and didn’t even think to just lift instead of rippling it. I also didn’t know as much about using the source to make clips and dropping those into the timeline. I’ll dig more into that and see what I can do.


I insert myself quickly, I’ve been looking for this possibility for a long time, so thank you, on the other hand an oddity, I just tested on a short video in which I deleted the sound track, and when I play the clip, the sound of the original track is still there, normal or not ?

How did you delete the sound track?

You can disable the audio on any video clip in Properties.
Example (Audio track is set to None):

Before I make all my cuts, I label everything on the timeline using different colored timeline markers. Helps me organize everything before I actually make cuts

yes I know, and I can also click on the speaker icon, but the question wasn’t there :wink:

Selecting In and Out points from Source doesn’t change if you hear audio or not.

Hi @Bal_Uso
You should create a new topic for this issue.
Make sure you include steps to reproduce the problem and screen/video captures if it is relevant.

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