How to use this filter

Hello friends,

How to use the filter I show in the picture?

Thanks in advance to the helpful friend.


Anahtar dağıtıma: Basit means Key Spill: Simple ( I suppose)

Here’s a non-scientific and non-professional description:
The Key Spill filters (Simple or Advanced) help to reduce or to remove residual green (or blue) spills left after using a Chroma Key filter.

Key Spill: Simple works most of the time, but it will generally affect all the colors on the screen. You can try to compensate by adding a Hue/Lightness/Saturation filter, but in my (limited) experience, it’s not always easy to bring back the original colors.

Key Spill: Advanced works better. But it is a bit confusing to use at first. Lots of settings and parameters.

Here’s a demonstration of the difference between the 2 Key Spill filters.
Note that my Key Spill: Advanced filter needs a bit more adjusting. There is still a bit of green here and there. But you get the idea.


Thank you. Understood.

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