How to use the new "Nudge"?

Hello, I want to test the new “Nudge forward/backward”
but it say “not available”.
I guess it should work like in youtube, pressing , or . let you go 1frame forward/backward?
I would like to use that.

Does it need a specific requirement?

Hi @LoonyDarck , Could you send in a screenshot showing more of your timeline? Nudge won’t work in certain cases, eg when there are two clips side by side.

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Hi, it was just one clip, without any changes, just loaded it.
just a 5min video in mp4 before I started editing.
I splitted it now in little parts and it’s still not useable.

(btw. I enabled proxy {again} and it doesn’t make a proxy… I have 720p preview on, a proxy folder and Proxy:on but no proxy shrug )

Edit: OHHHH the nudge does MOVE the clip to left/right?! ohhh!!.. so it’s not like in youtube you don’t use the buttons to skip frame by frame forward, it’s to move the clip. Alright, NOW it works :wink:

Yes, it moves the clip one frame to the left or right. I’m finding it very handy.

To skip the playhead forward or backward, use the JUMP feature (shortcuts [ and ]). You can set the number of frames to jump with Ctrl + J.

Those buttons are hiden on a German keyboard at the number 8+9 (QWERTZ layout) how to use that there? I would have to press SHIFT+8 or SHIFT+9 does that work? would feel unhandy :smiley:
(funfact: handy is in German a word for a mobile phone^^)

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Ah, OK, no problem, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts. Go to help > Actions and Shortcuts. Then search “Jump” and change the shortcuts to whatever you like.

I didn’t know that “Handy” was a German mobile phone! That’s handy to know! :rofl:
Herzliche Grüße und einen schönen Tag!

It’s not one, it’s the word we germans use for it or smartphone, depends on the mood or whatever xD
So if someone say “give me your handy” they mean smartphone :wink:
I just checked it, I have set it to page up/down :slight_smile: but never used it there xD

Beware that is incorrect! These will change the filter in and out points and can mess you your project.
Look in the Player menu for the correct shortcuts.


luckily I checked my stuff and saw it’s the page up/down :slight_smile:

OOps, so sorry @shotcut and @LoonyDarck - I messed up. In fact I had assigned [ and ] myself as custom shortcuts and forgotten they were not the originals. Sincere apologies.

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