How to use the compressor? (2.5 MB)
I like to learn the compressor thing.
How do you set it to level this clip ?
will you screenshot your solution?
Thank you

I’ve never used the compressor, nor do I understand how it works, and this might not be what you’re looking for, but here is my solution for to adjust the volume level of 1/2 of your file, which probably could be done in Audacity perhaps easier and better, but I’m not that great at Audacity.

I just applied a split the file where the audio got real loud, selected the right clip, and applied the Audio Gain/Volume filter. (No filter on the left clip.)

Where the level adjustment bar is at, when you get close and just want to further fine tune it, hover the mouse over the dB value and scroll wheel up/down to get the desired dB level you want.

volume fixed.mlt (4.0 KB) Make sure your original sound file is in the same folder as this mlt project save file.


Thank you,
I know how to mend this sample in audacity, it’s not the point.
(On this sample the loud part is ~6db too loud, and the soft one is ~7db too soft.)
I think that the compressor could handle longer similar clip in one go. Or I don’t understand compressor all together.
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sorry i also didnt know how it works thoght it helped.

Have you tried using one of the Normalise filters? They might help achieve what you want. Personally I use Audacity for jobs like this because there’s far more tools available, but Shotcut does a pretty good job on the fly.

This Audacity manual page may be helpful:

You might also try to use Normalize: One Pass

I like to use the “Normalize: One Pass” filter in conjunction with the “Compressor” filter. The normalize filter smooths out long term loudness and the compressor suppresses short-term peaks.

Here is an example:

Normalize is not good as it tackle clips, it does nothing on a single clip. Once I split the “lows” from the “louds” it will take affect but it will take about 1-2 seconds to lower the loud to the lower level.
In ~30 years of post, I never used a compressor and solved audio problems more crudely or gave them to the sound guy.

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