How to use other browser for overlay html?

I use shotcut on mac os and add overlay HTML (some font) .
And i try to use shotcut on linux and add overlay HTML too.

And compare —> not match font size
How to use browser of macos for shotcut of linux ?

plz, help

Can you share screen shots for comparison?

filehtml.txt (1.2 KB)

filehtml.text This is html file. When i show on chrome (mac os) —> it works well
but when render to mp4 ----> run this command on macos --> it’s ok but run this command on amazon linux —> you will see break row

my command
qmelt file.xml -consumer avformat target=file.m3u8 vb=512k ab=128k f=m3u8 acodec=aac vcodec=libx264 hls_time=1 hls_list_size=0

other case

if i try remove css " text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;" . You will see letter spacing not correct

cannot use a html for all platform. So , plz help how to use browser of mac os run on amazon linux
webvfx_browser or … ?

This is not possible, and it will never be possible.