How to use my own theme on the forum?

I just found out a nice theme on discourse, it is more appealing to my eyes than the defualt on the forum.

I checked out the install guide, but nothing is same for me, I do not get a option to download that theme here. How do I do so?

Here is the theme:-

Themes are on the server side, not client side. Dan would have to install it.

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Basically you can choose between a LIGHT theme and a DARK theme.

Click on your avatar, then go to Preferences->Interface and make your choice.

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I wish if discourse had a option to do it. Might have relaxed my eyes too.

For me, the dark is too dark, atleast it should have a slider. And the bright doesnโ€™t look appealing to me.

Maybe I need to stick with those available themes, and wait to have a option until a change in discourse.

Thanks for the reply.

Is this better? lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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I am OK to add a theme as long as it does not become too many requests, and I do like the Mint theme you showed. However, this theme requires changing some discourse settings, which requires me to study what they do and its impact on the existing themes. It does more than just give a different styling unfortunately. It adds components and changes the layout of the home.

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I will try this. This is seriously better.

No worries, I was not pointing you.

Itโ€™s discourse that they have made it not available for normal users, you canโ€™t do anything, you are just the moderator of single forum.

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