How to use a video with alpha?

I am using some footage for the base video (track 1). And a video (MKV, MOV, AVI) that I made in both Shotcut and Blender showing the same item, rendered with Alpha, on track 2.
Unfortunately there are always some frames showing with a black background. Some do show ok (without it), but like 40% of the first frames have that black background.

Is there a special setting I might have overlooked?


No, alpha channel works fine with all my samples when placed on an upper track. Maybe the problem is your video clip. Do you have a way to verify it’s alpha channel outside of Shotcut?

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Of course, you were right!
I am rendering another video with the right settings this time.

Thanks a lot

Btw, just so it may help someone else:
I am rendering with Blender. The rendering settings for Transparency are:
File Format: FFmpeg video
Color: RGBA
Encoding/Container: Quicktime
Video Codec: FFmpeg video codec #1, or QT rle / QT Animation

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2 timelines
Top timeline 3 Filters(1/Croma Key,Rotatate & Scale,Mask from File )
Bottom Line Just slides images ect.
How this works:
Veuing from the top.
The scale key expands your background the size where the back should be normally.
The Mask from file ( plenty of choice from Precets) This makes a hole in the solid from the choice, Plus the choice of Disolved Transitions.
This is definately the best program out there.

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Thank you Pete

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