How to uncut video after adding filters?

I am kinda new to shotcut and have been using it for some time but I came across this issue that I couldn’t find the solution of. Basically, I had a video of my playing Roblox. I decided to edit it and show it to my friend.
So I had to add rotation filters and text filters into it. But before I did that I had to cut the video into clips. then I grabbed one clip (which would be about 1-2 seconds long) and added a filter to it. I did the same to all of my other clips but… when I replayed the WHOLE video (it was only about 15 seconds long) I was missing a bit of frames at the places where I had cut my video. I searched up “how to merge two clips into one video shotcut” but I found almost nothing. Some post said that I had to export the video first and then after that the video would just… auto-merge??? (If I understood that correctly). I tried it, and I ended up with the same result, I was STILL missing the frames. Now I am out of solutions. Can anyone please help me?

Can you post a screenshot of Shotcut open with your project? If you’re using the timeline, show the timeline in the screenshot.

So I re-checked my video cuts and noticed something strange.
I showed in the screenshot where my cuts are and THOSE are the ones affecting my video.
But the thing is that the other 2 cuts that weren’t highlighted don’t actually affect my video AT ALL.

Also, I made a NEW project and I successfully edited the video I wanted but it took me 1 WHOLE HOUR to just edit a 15 second video (that’s probably because I was messing around with the settings and finding out a new way to make my edited video). But I still want to fix this issue because then I will edit my videos MUCH quicker (the video I am having the issue with took me less than 10 minutes).

It appears your export format is at an odd resolution. 1920x1016 is not a common resolution.
1920x1080 is a common resolution.

Click on any clip, click on properties. What resolution is displayed?

Edit: Perhaps your source is 1920x1016 based upon how you have the game set up to what you’re recording with. I’m just curious to see if your resolutions match.

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