How to trasfer all Shotcut's current saved presets and settings from my PC to a USB drive and then to another PC without setting everything again after Shotcut's new installation

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I would like to know how I can find in my PC all saved presets and settings of my shotcut so as to transfer that to a USB device and then to another PC in a way that when I install it in the new PC, I will avoid setting up everything again. Therefore, by doing so, I will be able to install shotcut with all the saved presets and settings and use them instantly the same way as I’m doing now in my old PC. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks a lot. So, what I have to do is only to transfer the stored stuff to the USB, transfer it again to the new PC and finally install Shotcut there and everything will be set up automatically, right?

Just copy everything from here.
Install Shotcut on the new computer before pasting it from the USB drive.


So, if I have understood well, once I install Shotcut on the new PC, I will have to open it there and paste the App Data Directory (as shown in the picture above) from the USB drive to the new PC’s directory just created; because when I’ve taken the steps above, the new Shotcut will ask me to replace all its directory’s files with the USB’s ones so that everything can be set automatically again as it was in the old PC, right?

Open Shotcut on the new computer.
As @Hudson555x explains, go to:

-Select all folders and files. Delete all (Faster than if Windows asks and replaces).
-Paste or drag your folders and files from the USB drive.
-When folders and files have been replaced, close Shotcut and restart to integrate the custom settings as it was in the old PC.

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Great! Thanks a lot both of you :slight_smile: