How to synchronize tracks


I have been looking for this information in the forum, but I haven’t found a good answer yet.
What is the best way to sync multiple tracks.

My footage comes from 2 camera’s and hould be synced. I only want to use the best recording for the sound, but the other track should be synced.

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One thing that I usually do when I have separate audio and video tracks that I know I want synced later is I have a metronome run at the beginning of the recordings before the “cut” begins.

In this case, since I’m not sure you can use a reference sound for synchronization, you should have the video-footage from each that you can use to sync the sound. If someone knows an easier way that isn’t a manual hit and miss, I’d like to know as well.


It depends on how you shot your material?

If you used a clapper board, or a hand clap, you should be able to sync the audio waveform against the frame with the clap. Shotcut do currently not have markers and therefore no function to align markers.

If you do not have a clap/indication of where video and audio should match, and no synced time codes recorded(which isn’t any help in Shotcut), then there is a waveform to waveform aligning software:

If you’re looking for a freeware solution, Davinci Resolve might do the job:
However unless you got a very powerful machine you might only use Resolve for the syncing part, and do the editing in Shotcut.

A python code alternative for the syncing process:

The offset can be found using Audacity:

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Oh, why didn’t I think of this sooner. I’m going to see if I can get the AV auto-sync working as a plugin when I get home from work tonight.

If that yields results, I’ll post it in a separate thread as a new filter.

Thanks Tin2tin!


Thank you very much Tin2tin!
I will be looking into audacity and davinci resolve for the syncing.

I came across this thead with includes a python script which apparently uses ffmpeg to extract the offset data(so a mlt(which uses ffmpeg?) solution might be better?), and there is also mentioning of yet another c++ way of finding the offsets:

The python script is based on this script:

And the other solution:

A windows tool with ui to find the audio offsets:

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