How to synchronize/ link audio and video together in one block

Hello everyone,
I’m doing my video editing with my audio recording separately. Now I’m trying to find out if we can synchronize them together as in this YouTube video 4:16 so that I can cut it cleanly.

I’ve been trying to do this for 3 hours already!!! :weary: And all the other tutorials just show how to align your audio and video in Shotcut, but they don’t explain if you can put them together.

Thanks in advance for your help. :smiley:

There is no option to link audio and video yet, as shown in the Adobe Premiere tutorial.

The audio and video can be selected and moved simultaneously.

This feature is available in V 19.12.31 and later.

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Thank you Sauron.
The solution I found will be to link audio and video together by a first export, then I could handle it more easily by a single element in a new project.

Thanks again for your help!! :wink:

You can save export time and some quality loss by using Open MLT XML As Clip…

then add the clip to your project.


Thank you Sauron for that trick I didn’t know about. :smile:

Now it’s done, but why can’t I see the curves of my voice in the file I just inserted?
Or how do I reactivate them? :thinking:


AFAIK when you open an MLT in a project the audio waveform is not displayed. :grimacing:


It’s sad.
It’s okay, I’ll deal with it. :+1:t5:
Thanks again Sauron for your answer and your help :wink:

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