How to sync audio automatically


1st track is camera (video and audio) #1
2nd track is camera (video and audio) #2
3rd track is external audio (just audio)

Can I sync all 3 tracks automatically ?? Any tool or filter or any other idea ???

There is no automatic tool to align the clips. It looks like you did a pretty good job using the audio waveforms.

ok… maybe in the brief future Shotcut will have this tool … wishing a lot !

I would love to see this feature get implemented, I help run a comedy room and we record 2 cameras and a audio feed, trying to sync them is always a pain. It would be great if true audio sync could be done, or sync to timecodes (the media files could be edited outside of shotcut to get the sync done)

I don’t know if there is anything in here that could be used:

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I have written an MLT program that calculates the alignment for you. It can also determine if there is a drift between the audios and fix that two.

The program tells you how to adjust the audio’s speed and how many frames (or seconds) of difference there is between two tracks. Both tracks can be AV tracks.

I wrote it as a first step into getting the functionality implemented in Shotcut. See this post:

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