How to stop SC from creating history, recent, playlists?

I see nothing in setting to prevent the program from creating tracks. I mean, seriously? Turning that junk on should be the option. Or I am missing something obvious? Thanks.

Run the portable version on a USB then destroy the USB after export.

I don’t know of such settings that you’re after. I heavily rely upon histories. CRTL+Z is my friend.

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You can remove an item from Recent by selecting it and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. History and Playlist goes away when you close.

Tracks are only created if you create them.

The next version 18.10 will have an option in Settings menu Clear Recent on Exit to protect privacy on shared computer accounts. There will also be a command line option --clear-recent to turn this on and hide the menu item in Settings to prevent someone from being able to turn it off.

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