How to stop audio being edited

Hi, I have a music sound clip and a video.

When I export the file, shotcut makes the soft parts of the music louder and the loud parts softer. How do I get shotcut to just process the video as is without trying to “improve” it?


Shotcut does not process audio unless filters are added. Was a Normalize filter added?

No filters were added. All I did was import the video, import the audio, match and trim, then export. Shotcut is definitely processing the audio.

The source code is available for anyone to review. Processing does not happen without user intervention (aside from sample rate alignment of course, which would not contribute to the problem being discussed here).

So either there’s a filter on the Output track, or the media player that’s playing the exported file is doing the processing. If results are being analyzed after uploading to YouTube, then it is YouTube that normalized your audio to -14 LUFS. That is their standard.

Can you provide samples of the “before” and “after” audio?

Also, can you provide a screenshot of the Shotcut UI showing the clip properties panel?

At the minimum, it is decoding, possibly changing sample rate, possibly down-mixing channels, and possibly encoding.

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