How to Split one Big Clip in short Clips and Render them all at once?

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At First excuse my english.
I worked with an old Version of Sony Vegas so far. I recorded one Long Video (3-4 hours) Put it in Vegas, Set some Marks where i want so Split Them and then rendered them all at once. So it was possible for me to create a lot of Videos for lets plays Out of one big record in a short time.
Is there a was dir this Kind of “batch Export” or what ever in shotcut to? Just Put my three ours in the Programm, Split Them an Render them in six half hour parts in one step without start editing over and over again.

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Use the Playlist, not the Timeline, and Export > From > Each Playlist Item.

So ich splitet my Video in four parts in my Timeline. But how can i now Render them into four single Videos without start editing over and over. There is No way to Put them in the Playlist :confused:

Hi! I think the more efficient way to do that is:

  1. Save and create a new project
  2. Open your main project MLT using File-Open MLT XML as clip.
  3. In the player, source tab, use keys “i” and “o” to set in and out point (to select your clips or parts of your video) and press “+” to add the selected clip to playlist. Do it for every part of your video.
  4. Now you have your “fragments” as playlist items. Use Export, select “every item from playlist” or alike


I read it some time ago in this forum.

There is. Copy the timeline clip, switch to Source player (it was copied to there), add to playlist.

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