How to Speed Up or Slow Down a Video Clip

Hey everyone,

I have created this beginners tutorial to speed up and slow down the video. I recommend the FPS and recording settings for slow motion and explain how I prefer to handle the audio seperatly from the video when changing speed.

Please let me know what you think, and how to improve for next time!



As always, excellent tutorial for the Shotcut beginners. The Shotcut Playlist on your channel is the perfect link to give to someone who just installed Shotcut and want to quickly learn the basics and start editing.

A comment about this particular video: I like the opening shot of you beside your working desk, but you definitely need a light aimed at you to compensate for the huge amount of light coming from the window behind you. Or maybe just a big white panel that would reflect the light back at you. I’ve also seen people use those windshield covers that cost almost nothing.


Ha! You are so right. I have just bought a couple of cheap but good lights to fix the issue, there’s a few videos queued up that you will see before those lights are applied - look out for next weeks which is hilariously bad lighting! But will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

My setup is definitely a working progress - I never had to worry about natural (window) light in my previous location, but now it its a nightmare!

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You mean I too can be a YouTube influencer with this window shade?

You’ll reach 1 million subs in half the time !

What if I use 4 window shades?

Damn… That’s a though one… :thinking: I’m not that good at math… :roll_eyes:

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@UbitronicsUK, seeing as your video is on speed there is a new feature that Shotcut has coming up called Time Remap that right now is in a beta stage so it’s still being tested out. Here is the link to the thread:

See if you have some time to go test it out and give any feedback or report any bugs/issues that you find up in the thread there. :slightly_smiling_face: