How to speed up a video more than 50x

Hey there,
I’m trying to edit a timelapse video of me programming for 72h straight. I need to speed up the videos more than 50x but for now the properties window seems to be stuck on 50x max.

Like my 2h footage can only be reduced to 2m clip, but that’s still too long because I have around 25 of that and I don’t want the video to be half an hour :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Try this:
Take it to the max speed then export it using HuffYUV or Ut Video from the lossless preset. Make sure you have enough space because lossless exports can be big files depending on resolution and duration but they won’t lose any video quality when you re-encode them which is why I would suggest it here for this case. Then take that newly rendered lossless file and bring it to Shotcut and speed it up more. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also go the direct ffmpeg route:

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That’s what I did, rendered the video then importing it again and speeding it up, takes some time but the result is here :smiley:

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