How to slowdown/speedup previewed video?

Hi, idk how to say this
but can I speed up/slowdown the preview video while i’m playing it
without changing speed in properties (inshort, speed up/slowdown the video)

I’m having some trouble againts this, if i change the whole video in timeline
it would break the rhythm between text, transition, color, sounds and others
+maybe need to redo again

it may sound silly but pleasee… I don’t want to watch my whole video gameplay twice or even more. while myself already play it and record it

sometimes i need to slowdown when doing some rhythm (audio perfect timing stuffs)
if i change the speed in properties, it would break the whole video, for an example.

imagine if slow speed, it would be easy to identify the sound
if slowdown the video, I can still consider it, but speed up is an exception

conclusion : add speed up/slowdown thing when previewing a video (without using properties)

thx for reading… a long text…

This isn’t really possible. there are keyboard shortcuts though for skipping through the video by different amounts as described in the PLAYER section here:

It is possible to accelerate the preview playback

Use these buttons. Press multiple time to increase the speed.

Make sure you enable Scrub Audio if you want to hear the audio while playing at more than 1X speed


Sorry, my mistake. I was in a bit of a rush and should have taken more time over my answer.

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For slower than normal press and hold the cursor right or left key to go to the next frame and let key repeat. And all this is documented in the keyboard shortcut reference page on the web site.

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oh, didn’t notice that!
i thought that thing was to skip the last part of the timeline
yep yep, that works.
(i should’ve used the “help/how to”)
but thanks anyways lol

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No problem. Glad you solved your problem

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