How to simply trim a single clip

Hello all. i’m a total newbie with this stuff, but all i want to do is snip a short song from a 13 to 15 minute video, i don’t know the precise duration of the song but it’s short. I tried clicking on the scissors icon but it doesn’t make any difference. I see no bars or anything i’ve seen in the tutorials, just the video in a tiny little window,

Before this video editor i only had windows movie maker, which was simple to use and the version i had had lots of features than all the versions i’ve managed to download no longer have. I hope to make music videos using different footage eventually, but first things first.

Incidentally, it took Shotcut over thirty minutes to load, is this normal?

Thanks, The Cybertard.

You might want to take a look at the tutorials.

This one will get you started with the basics.

Do you mean to trim a single clip to start it time A and end at time B? There is no need to use the Timeline:

  1. Open the clip by dropping in the player area or using File > Open
  2. Drag the >| and |< triangle controls shown by the red arrows in my illustration below.
  3. Click Export on the main toolbar.
  4. Click Export File in the Export panel.
  5. Choose a folder and give your file a name.

Thanks, i’ve watched the videos and done a bit of reading, it’s all far too complex, simple steps aren’t made clear enough and also computer jargon goes over my head like a fighter jet. Thank you anyway.

Thanks very much, that suggestion almost worked but the video froze on shotcut so i didn’t get chance to trim the end of the song off, never mind try to export it.
My only conclusion is the video itself from YouTube is corrupted in some way, though as Cybertard in Chief i have no idea how or why this occurred (really wanted that song too haha).
Thanks again.

I did it! Well, nearly.

Clicking on export on the toolbar or in the file-drop down options is pointless in this case, because absolutely nothing happens. Fell at the last hurdle. Hey ho.

Thanks anyway.

Click the Export File button at the bottom of the Export panel.


As soon as you posted this i went to open a little snipping tool so i could show you my interface looks nothing whatsoever like yours and there is no export option, but because shotcut was running, my machine froze for the third time today.and i’ve had to turn it off completely cold (my machine never freezes like that), i’ve restarted my machine and tried launching shotcut but roughly forty minutes later it doesn’t seem anywhere near loading.

I’m in the u.k. and it’s 05:58 am, i’ve been trying to get shotcut to work since roughly noon. I’m pretty much convinced eighty minutes sleep every night is detrimental to my health.

I was hopeful about shotcut too (sigh).

I’m not blaming anyone here, but shotcut is the optimum superior vehicle to drive you straight to the Complete Nervous Breakdown Demolition Derby.

I apologise, i’m entirely frazzled. Thanks to anyone/everyone who tried to help, but the last fortnight of stressful frustration has been more than enough shotcut to last a lifetime.

Thanks again.

You seem very distressed but perhaps you might want to watch the tutorial series from Mr. Eko who is not using computer jargon and starts the series with the interface before everything else. This might be a helpful introduction. (
Additionally the portable version might work better. The reason for freezing could be anything, unfortunately. I had never a problem with an entire freeze but sometimes I had to forcefully close Shotcut because it froze after pressing the close button.


The Mr Eko videos are easier to learn from it seems, however, i got to the third on in the playlist and it all became very confusing again. I think i need to play around with it to see what i can do with it.

Do you have a link to the portable version please?

Thanks again.

Maybe the wrong tool? Avidemux is my favorite tool if I’m just cutting. Way easier than Shotcut. It can cut video and audio losslessly (with some limitations). It can re-encode if you need frame-accurate start and end. It has some filtering. I found Shotcut only after I tried Avidemux first, and couldn’t get the result I wanted there. I still only use Shotcut as my second choice when my first choice tool doesn’t give me the result I want.

I haven’t tried Avidemux yet.
In the end i just trimmed with vlc and tidied them up in the basic windows movie maker.
I read that i can only get the version of windows movie maker with the speed up and other features if i install all the earlier versions first. I tried that, it didn’t work, so i’ll try it again and hope i get lucky.

Thanks again.

Avidemux is not any easier for simple trimming of clips. You do not need to use the timeline, there is Extract Sub-clip in Properties menu, and Export if that does not work or you want to use filters as well (and, no, you do not need the timeline to use filters).

The interface must have changed; there is no arrows to move anymore.

Look at the tab under the player. The trim controls are only available in the Source player. If the Project tab is active, then you might be using . Notice I wrote “There is no need to use the Timeline.” If you use the playlist or timeline then you are no longer working with a single clip as mentioned in the title here, and tab Project becomes available.

Trimming from Source (Which is how I got the clip for the next example)
I used the mouse for everything in this demo, but you can also use the keyboard shortcuts (F1 from Shotcut) like like i, o, page up, page down, left arrow, right arrow to get more a precise location.
Can’t forget about the scroll wheel when hovered over the location selector. 2019-10-04_11-48-30

Trimming from the Timeline

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