How to set up Color range, color primaries, transfer characteristics, matrix coefficients and proper settings


i have an issue with some videos in .ts format.
when i play them with Media Player Classic, color is normal
when i put it in shortcut (or any video editing program), color is kind of greenish while editing and even after export.

I used Avidemux for small editing, the video still appear greenish in this software but I found that if i put the same parameters as the original video, colors after saving are same as the original video.

the .ts videos has those parameters :
Color range : Limited
Color primaries : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics : HLG
Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 non-constant

i would like to know if it’s possible to export a video with those parameters in Shotcut.

i found that some settings can be put in export>advance>other, but i don’t know the exact terms to put to make it work

thanks in advance for your help

No, Shotcut does not support HLG HDR at this time. You can use Properties > Convert to make a tone-mapped SDR edit-friendly version of that file.

thanks for your reply !
what option should i choose to have a tone mapped SDR ?
can’t find that feature in properties tab, i only have “convert for editing” then “good/better/best”, and in “advanced”, i have nothing dealing with SDR.
FYI i have the french version of shotcut

In Advanced there is a Convert to BT.709 colorspace checkbox. It should be automatically checked on when this type of video is used. It has a tooltip that mentions tone-mapping for HDR.

alright, i’ll test that
is there any hope that HLG HDR will be in the future roadmap ?

are color range/transfer characteristics/matrix coefficients related to HLG HDR ?
how to use it in shotcut if it’s possible ?

edit : converting to BT.709 with best settings doesn’t fix the greenish video

thanks for your reply.
the only workaround i found is to edit the .ts file under shotcut, export it, then change the colorspace and other stuffs under avidemux, as shotcut isn’t HDR compatible.
my main issue which can’t be fixed is when i want to make one video with 2 different files, one with HDR and one without.
i guess i have to find a software HDR compatible

thanks for your reply

do you have the exact syntax for that ?

@Bikanare does not really know. I suspect this user is using AI to generate a few decent looking responses in order to seed the account for spamming. This is happening more frequently, in general, unfortunately, and sometimes I may get it wrong.

oh ok !
i found some workaround solution by converting files with “clever ffmpeg” and “handbrake”, but i hope that colorspace and so on will be added to shotcut one day

i don’t know if i have to open a new topic or not but is it normal that a 4 min project in 2560x1440 is taking 20 min to export ?
there are 3 videos tracks and 3 audios tracks and a few filters (zoom, crop, balance and gain)

i have an RTX 4070, hardware encoder is checked and i have this export settings :
codec : hevc_nvenc
quality : 80%
GOP : 15
B frames: 2

did i miss something ?

edit : i noticed in task manager>performance tab in that shotcut is only using CPU instead of GPU for encoding, is that normal ?