How to set time length for a text filter

No problem entering a text filter and changing text colour and so on. However the text is displayed for the length of the entire clip.

If I change the time by choosing Properties, the length reverts to the original time even when I change it,
but I have now gathered this is the time length of the entire clip.

Is there really no way to reduce the time a title is displayed within the clip, other than cutting and making a separate short clip from the video and using the text filter just on that? That seems very inelegant and clumsy and not what I am used to on other video editors (even though I find Shotcut far more stable and reliable in most other respects! At least, so far! :slight_smile: )

I guess I can create my own title graphic as a jpg and use that instead by importing that where I want it.

Trim the text filter.


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Or what @sauron did. He got me in mere seconds, ha ha.
Put your text on a layer above, in a Transparent color.

Thanks for the suggestions. That works great.

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