How to set text size accurately

HI, not sure if I am missing something, but the only way I can see to set the size of the text is to adjust the size of the box it is in.

I am making a short set of credits, simply putting the text over a transparent picture on a second video channel and fading in the out each one for each credit. However the text is sized by the text box dimensions and I cant see any easy way to get each successive text box to show the same sized text.

What am i missing!

Nothing. Text box resizing is the only method available when using the text filter.

Cool, thanks Steve. At least I wasn’t missing something silly! In the mean time (until a fixed text size becomes an option) I have been setting the first text the size I want, then do the next transparent picture with text overlay and then slide it back over the top of the first so the text overlaps (as in a transition) then place the play head marker over the transition and resize the second box so the text sizes are the same. Then hit undo and it only undoes the transition and not the text box resizing.

So my suggestion (I have change the post to a Suggestion rather than a How To) for future versions would be to add a fixed text size option rather than having it default to the largest size the text box will allow. Cheers, Dave.

My guess is that this would require the addition of a completely new type of filter. As it stands, the text filter is more like the Size&Position Filter in behaviour.
An alternative would be to make use of the Overlay HTML filter.

Ohh, thats not what I thought it was, that looks like it will do exactly as I was wanting, will give it a try!

Hi Steve, I really would like to find out how to use this feature. I have searched on youtube for a tutorial on placing text this way but to no avail. Have you any links to any help I can get for a beginner in html? Thanks

Quite simple, Jon.
No HTML knowledge required for simple text.

Select the Overlay HTML filter.
Choose ‘New’ from the filter properties. Give the file a name. The edit window will appear.
Start typing.
Use formatting menu to set your font/colour/size/justification etc.
(Once you learn what all the options do you can go crazy :slight_smile: )

As soon as you press save, the text will appear in the preview window ontop the selected clip.
Add line breaks above the text if you want to adjust the height/position.


Great, thanks Steve. Will certainly give this a go. I appreciate your help.

Thanks to Steve’s advice earlier in this post, I have now had a chance to play around with the Overlay HTML filter and with about 30 minutes work I came up with this short video (just for fun):

…but I have another question: is it possible to make the subtitles fade in / fade out? I have Googled this and read about the ,fadeIn () code but I don’t have a clue where to add it to my HTML text, or even if that is the right way to go about it. I would welcome any help on it. Thanks, especially to Steve who showed me how to get this far.
PS If anyone can help, this is the HTML code of the 1st subtitle which I have copied and pasted from the editor within Shotcut:

<script src="qrc:/scripts/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="qrc:/scripts/rangy-core.js"></script>
<script src="qrc:/scripts/rangy-cssclassapplier.js"></script>
<script src="qrc:/scripts/htmleditor.js"></script>

                               Pip is exhausted.....

No need for code, just create a new video track in the timeline, copy the video to the new track, slice the sections where the Overlay HTML will be applied, apply the Overlay HTML to those clips, use the throbber to fade in/out those clips. Remember to check the box to Adjust fade opacity instead of fade with black.

Or apply the html filter on a transparent png. So you can create it and move, adjust more easily !

Sure, there’s lots of variations & possibilities soon realized using the technique. :slight_smile:

I tried it on a transparent background image (was a .svg file I was using to do normal text) and the text was invisible? Worked fine on any other clip type. I might try a png and see if it makes any difference.

SVG is not a bitmap (raster data), it’s XML (text data).
Bitmap types are: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, GIF…

The html filter does not work with a transparent image. Tried it with a transparent .png file. Did not work. Text is not visible.

Also tried it with a color file with opacity set to zero. Still did not work. Text remains invisible.

First clip is a transparent image. Second is a color file opacity set to zero. Third is an image with opacity set to 50%.

Resulting video.

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Ahh, that would explain it, exactly the same result I was getting. Oh well, sounded like a great idea, and would have been a lot easier than copying the main video track. Mine is made up of lots of 6 to 10 second clips transitioned together and the text goes over the transitions so not sure how to copy and paste that up above to enable to fade in/out effect.

Maybe they’ll fix it in the next update.

I didn’t used the last version with that, but it used to work for text filter and 3D text filter at least.
Does it work with text filter?

Yeah works with just the normal text, but the whole idea of my search was to try to find a way to preset the text size and the standard text filter doesnt do that, it fits it to the text box width

Ok, but I mean a normal text above a transparent png ? :slight_smile: