How to set precise start point position for trim

I’m having a hard time setting my start and end points in videos I want to trim. It hasn’t been a problem until now, because I did not need to be precise down to the tenth of a second, but now I do. Everybody says it’s so easy, just drag the triangle control! But dragging does not allow me to get to the exact, precise point that I want. Once I got close by dragging (36:10,02):

I then used the left and right arrows on my keyboard (as suggested in another post on this topic) to move to the exact spot—but that didn’t change the trim start point, it just changed my current position.

How do I set the trim start point to the current position? (And where is that position shown on the screen?)

Hi @gmarinf

  • Move the playhead approximately where you want your first trim point,
    then use one of these methods to move it to a precise point:

    • Mouse wheel on the Timecode counter.
    • Small arrows next to the Timecode counter
    • Left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • Press the “i” key on your keyboard to trim what’s on the left side of the playhead.

  • Move the playhead approximately where you want your second point and use one of the 3 methods above to move it to a precise point.

  • Press the “o” key on your keyboard to trim what’s on the right side of the playhead.

More details here in this discussion:


Keyboard shotcut is the way to go for effective edits

Using PgUp,PgDn to step 1s and Left/Right to step 1 frame and i/o to set In/out point in the source viewer. (Shift + PgUp/PgDn will step 2s and Ctrl-Shift + PgUp/PgDn will step 10s)
You can also add the full clip to the timeline where there is more control and use Shift-i/o to set the in/out point

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Thank you. The “i” and “o” keys were the missing pieces. I don’t know if I overlooked that in the search results I read, or if it wasn’t there. But now, it’s easy.

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