How to set how Shotcut looks on opening

I tried to search for this, so I apologize if I was unable to find an existing topic. When I open the Shotcut app in my computer, I want the screen to open with certain parts of the window at certain sizes. For example, I want to have a larger area for the playlist window on the left and the export window on the right. I also want more space on the bottom of the screen, enough to display 4 tracks. However, the app opens with all of the same preset sizes for these things. How can I get it to save my screen layout as a default? Again, this has nothing to do with opening a file; this is just opening the app from the desktop shortcut.

Shotcut remembers when you last resized, added/removed/placed windows. Also remembers docked/undocked windows, and tabbed orders.

You can add (and remove after creating) your own default layout which you can easily set for a layout of your own choosing. Once set, you can select that layout at anytime.



If you have trouble getting this to work, try changing it and restarting it while not working on a project. Shotcut needs a clean exit in order to save these settings. Also, each of the 6 layouts in the right side of the menu bar is customizable, and the currently selected layout is also saved and remembered.


I was able to use the Add… to create something I can click on, but it still opens to the original default setting without any of my changes. I have to open View and click on my setup to get the window I want. For some reason, Shotcut is not remembering any of my last resizing, but this will at least get me where I want to be. Thanks for the tip.

That is the crux of my problem. Shotcut is NOT remembering my currently selected layout. I just opened it, made the changes, and closed it. It reopened to the original settings again. The autosave of the desktop is not functioning for me.

Maybe Shotcut is unable to write its settings due to a permissions problem. Sorry, but it has always worked for me for 9 years across many computers and 3 operating systems, and this is not a known problem that is generally reported.

Maybe this will help you troubleshoot the problem on your system:

Sorry, but that website is gobbletygook to me. All I know is it used to save my settings and now it doesn’t.

I know this is a lame answer, but if it used to work and suddenly doesn’t, I’d download the program and re-install it. Sounds like something might have gotten corrupted.

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