How to set default curve of keyframes?


The curve type of keyframes is now set to linear. Can I change this default to smooth in case I need to add a lot of keyframes without manually change it one by one?


Yes, now we need at least 2 keyframes to be able to change the types of keyframes.

Not really. But what you can do is add two keyframes and set both to smooth. Every keyframes you add between those two will be set to smooth.

Here, for example, I have a 30-second video clip, and I want all keyframes of the first 15 seconds to be set to Smooth.

  • Move the playhead to the start of the clip and activate keyframes.
  • Move the playhead 15 seconds ahead and add another keyframe.
  • Set both keyframes to Smooth.

Every keyframes added between those two will be set to Smooth.

About at the same time I got the same solution as yours. Set the keyframe at the begeinning and the end with smooth curve, then add the keyframes in between.