How to select multiple clips (and move them)

I noticed I can’t select multiple clips. I tried ctrl and shift, even dragging a rectangle around them but nothing worked! Am I missing something here? I can’t find it in the menu anywhere either.

I’ve got loads of small clips, moving them all one by one is a pain!


Unfortunately this feature is missing and not (officially) planned

You can enable “Ripple all tracks” in the timeline menu to at least move multiple clips to the left.

Two overly complicated workarounds:

It’s bad enough this feature is missing. But not even planned? How is this at all a workable program without being able to move multiple clips. It practically makes it a linear editor.


Shotcut certainly tests your patience and teaches you to plan ahead so minimal changes are needed later, but then it’s still the best video editor I’ve used in Linux. The other side of the fence is far worse. OpenShot is too unstable to be worth considering, and the really high end ones either baffle me or won’t even run on my mediocre laptop.

I just hope the Shotcut developers keep plugging away to iron out any bugs and work on any shortcomings. It will be worth it in the end.

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You could always try Kdenlive. It’s free and you can select and move multiple clips.

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In the time line menu, activate the circle icon (“Ripple Trim and Drop”). Then, whenever you make something bigger it keeps all other clips sizes, excepting the one selected … You can just insert a clip or image, make it bigger (so it moves everything) and then remove it

… Actually I just found out that it just works with any new image… so drag an image and then make it bigger. It will push the rest away