How to see full 360 picture ? (video from GoPro MAX)

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I just started with a GoPro MAX and I wonder how can preview the entire picture in whatever projection type. At present Shotcut seems to show only the picture looking out from the front of the camera, progressing just beyond 90 deg yaw to either side (I can see the stitches). So, there seems to be just a bit of picture available from the other lens. However, that other side is only marginally covered. I cannot see anything looking directly out of the back lense. Can I do that in Shotcut and how? The GoProp (Andriod) app does allow to completely pan around the same recording, so it should be available in the file.

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The way MAX stores the video is not fully stitched and blended despite the claim. The only software that can handle it directly is GoPro’s. You can read more about that here:

By breaking the top and bottom faces of the cube map into two separate video tracks

While the stitching is completed in MAX, the blending is enhanced by retaining a small overlap in post to improve quality even beyond that of Fusion. We did this by adding overlap areas on the stitch line and increasing the width of the EAC projection by an additional 64 pixels.

Beyond the basic video track stacking and blending with overlap removal to form a proper EAC, there is also stabilization and rotational data stored per frame in its special GPMF meta data track. I know from plenty of personal experience you will want to use these. Combining all these is very specialized and not available in Shotcut.

Basically, you need to use the GoPro mobile or desktop apps or their cloud service to post-process the files before you can use them in Shotcut.

Thank very much for that comprehensive answer. You can certainly say that the statements by GoPro on this are misleading. It doesn’t help that their GoPro MAX Exporter is only available from through the Windows store (which I don’t have acces to) and that the Andriod app only allows to a flat video with specific viewpoints. I still need to check their cloud services.

Thanks very much. Once I get this working I’ll be back in Shotcut :wink:

I think you can get the new GoPro Player (exporter replacement) outside of the store by joining the beta program.

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