How to scroll Zoomed preview conveniently?

Right now there is an option to zoom the preview - ‘Toogle zoom’, but after zoom it can be scrolled only by scroll bars, it’s inconvenient!
Questions are:

  1. Is there hot key to zoom?
  2. how can i scroll? (without using scrollbars)
    For example in KDENLIVE i can move preview with Middle mouse, it’s very convenient!
  1. Is there hot key to zoom? No. By the way, all of Shotcut’s shortcuts are listed here

  2. how can i scroll? (without using scrollbars) As far as I know, you can’t.

With a zoomed timeline you can scroll left or right using the scroll wheel. To scroll vertically hold ALT use the mouse wheel.



  • Mouse wheel (no key) - moves focus on Timeline
  • Mouse wheel (Alt) - scrolls Timeline tracks vertically
  • Mouse wheel (Shift) - changes height of Timeline tracks
  • Mouse wheel (Ctrl) - same as Mouse wheel (no key)???

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be nice if…

  • Mouse wheel (Ctrl) - move the Playhead

I was talking about scrolling the preview, not the timeline

Hold Alt + Shift move the mouse pointer horizontally across the preview screen to scroll. Works with timeline as well.


I understand your question, but the others have misunderstood. This is not currently available. I will move this to the suggestion category. One reason it was not added yet is because there are many actions already involved with dragging in the video preview: dragging the clip to other panels, interacting with on-screen controls. Many of the latter already have modifier keys to do certain things. The idea to use the middle mouse button (pressed wheel on most mouse) was not obvious, but is a good idea. It will be a little difficult to explain to many people, however, as it is an unusual usage of the wheel.

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If the three OS’s involved all support this as a separate action…

I just tried out the feel of it on my mouse; it seemed natural to me, and it would quickly become a very natural way to scroll the Playhead (which is my understanding of what we are talking about here)>

No, it is not. See the zoom button on the player and zoom in.


the middle mouse button has been actively used in many projects for many years
Blender, Davinci Resolve, etc

Since you replied in this manner, I have reduced the priority of this.

I am sorry. I didnt mean to be rude
I very appreciate your efforts
Thank you!

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