How to save and watch your finished video?

I came across Shot-cut because I needed a easier way to edit my YouTube videos.Just last night I started to use it, but when I was finished I tried to save it. When I “saved” it, it said that windows could not play the video because windows didn’t recognize the URL or something? If anyone can tell me how to save it correctly so I can use the video please let me know. Thank you! :smile:

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‘Save’ will only save the project(so you can continue editing where you left), whereas ‘Export’ will export a video file.

I can’t remember if there is a YouTube dedicated export setting, if not just export to ‘.mp4’.


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There is a YouTube dedicated export setting. Also, the HD mp4 (720, 1080, etc.) also work well for YouTube videos.

You would export it and then play it in the media player of your choice (I like VLC.)

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Hey thanks for the great help! But when I ‘save’ the edited video and go to play the video on (Windows Media Player) it brings me to a screen that says “The selected file has an extension (.mlt) that is not recognized by Windows Media Player, but the Player may still be able to play it. Because the extension is unknown by the player, you should be sure that the file comes from a trustworthy source” I press yes and it wont let me play it do you know what to do?

The .mlt file is an XML document, not a video. That is why you cannot play it in a media player. In order to end up with a result in a video file format you must export it. Try the “Export File” button in the export tab on the left window of the application.

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Maybe a part of the misunderstanding is caused by no “Export” option in the File menu?

Only Frame and EDL are export options in the menu.

“Export” is only accessible from the tool bar.

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As a noob, I tripped over that myself. It’s where I went to first to when I tried to save my work

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I just want to say thanks for the help everyone! But there is still a problem… When I’m done editing the video I press the Export file EDL put it on my desktop add open it in Windows media player and it won’t load? I also tried to do the Export frame but it was just a picture. So do you think it’s the Windows media player or I’m just doing something wrong?

You need to use the Export button in the toolbar.

EDL is not a playable video file.

As I wrote earlier, Export is currently missing from the top file menu.

To make it easier for you:

That export file button selected in red is what you need to click instead of going to File -> Export … on the top left.

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