How to save an video with multi-layers to have alpha channel?

I used chroma key to make the image transparent. This is no problem when it’s a single layer.
However, from the moment there is more than one layer, the Transparency option no longer works. I used the same options, and The picture below shows the comparison results of the two videos.
The first video is a single layer. The second video has exactly the same options as the first video. However, unlike the first, a transparent png image equal to the size of the video is inserted under the layer and saved as a double layer.
As you can see, the alpha was not properly reflected in the second video.
I need to merge this transparent video with the one with the black button and save it as a transparent video again.

how can i solve this problem?

  • Both videos use the QuickTime Animation(Alpha Channel, .mov) option, so I don’t need to point out that part.

Hi @Chobab

Try this:

  1. Make sure you put a green (#00ff00) color clip on track V1. So under your other tracks.

  2. Save your project.

  3. Go to Timeline menu > Other > Copy Timeline to Source.

  4. Go to Filters and apply a Chromakey: Simple filter to the Source.

  5. If you used Green #00ff00 for your color clip on V1, go to Export.

  6. Choose the QuickTime Animation preset, and export your video From: Source.
    O1oBuTSppY 3tB0Odad1c

  7. Import the .mov file you just exported in another project to see if it worked.


  • I see in your “result I want” capture that your shapes are semi-transparent. To make the method above work, the shapes on the tracks above V1 must be opaque. When you import the .mov file in another project, you can then reduce the opacity with the Opacity filter.

  • Also, don’t worry if nothing seems to happen when you apply the Chromakey filter. It is normal.

I made the videos below using this method:
No Opacity filter applied to the .mov file:

Opacity filter applied. 60%

Green clip on V1 and the 2 shapes on V2 and V3

The .mov file imported in another project

The .mov file imported in another project, with the Opacity filter applied

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This problem is fixed in the new version being released later today.

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