How to save an unfinished video and continue later

Hi, it’s been well over a year since I last begged for help here. Can anyone help me with saving an unfinished video clip so I can return to it later to complete?
I thought it was “Save As”, (as MLT) but when I restarted and dragged the clip to the timeline the clip was empty and the message “missing files”.

Please and thank you

Hi @Ghidrah

You used the correct method to save your project.

When you re-open the project, if you see a Missing Files message, it means that Shotcut can’t find the files that you used in this project (image, video, Glaxnimate or audio files).

Possible reasons why Shotcut doesn’t find your files:

  • You deleted the files.
  • You moved the files to another folder.
  • You moved the folder containing the files.
  • The files are on an external drive that is no longer connected to your computer.
  • The files are on an external drive, but between sessions, the name of the drive was changed.
    • When you saved your project, the files where on an external drive named F:
    • You disconnect the drive. Then reconnect it, but for any reason, it’s name is now G:


If you didn’t delete the files and you get a message like the one shown above:

  1. Click to Select one of the lines

  2. Click the Search in Folder… button

  3. In the next window, navigate to the folder where that particular file is stored, then click on the Select Folder button

  4. If all the missing files are in that folder, they will be checked as Found

  5. If some files are still missing, select each line marked with a shotcut_ZEEMSJidPl and repeat steps 2 & 3 until all files are found.

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This is where you are going wrong (even though it should still work). Instead of dragging the mlt clip to the timeline, all you do is open it.

So open shotcut, then go to file -->open and navigate to the saved mlt. Or go to recent files on the right and it should be at the very top of that list, then click on it and wait for a few seconds to open. If any files are still missing, you already have instructions on what to do there.

Good luck!

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