How to save a split audio to an mp3

I’m a newbie here. Would like to know when I split my audio in one of many track in my project, then with that split audio I need to save it outside, to mp3, how to ?

Because I need to make some enhancement to that particular part (of the audio) probably in Audacity.

I actually only want the last part of my audio to have echo few times and fade out. I seems can’t make it work.

I know the fade out thing but not the echo. Tried the reverb but it is not what I want (at least I don’t know how to do it correctly). The echo expected only the usual duplication then fading out.

Thanks in advance.

Try the Delay filter.


Hi bro, I hope I have understand your quetion. If you want to save your music in MP3 format, you can use an audio recorder to make it such as Audacity. It is free and great. The video recorder i’m using now also has a audio-only mode, if your music clip is shorter than 2 min, you can also use it free version to make it. it’s name is Recmaster. Hope this helps you.

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No, it is a short video to be honest, only the audio, in one of the track, some part I want to make it ended with echo, probably in the last 3 sec, echoing 2-3 times with the very part of the echo is fading out.

Tried Reverb but seems not good… and actually tried Delay as well but not get what I described. That is why I’m thinking to save that 3 sec to mp3 and try it with Audacity.

Excited to try this new thing :grinning:

Thank for the replies.

According to your description, the effect that you want can only be achieved by having extra slack at the end of your clip so that the echo can only be heard at the end. But your original clip doesn’t have it so you have to add that extra slack to the clip.

Open a new Shotcut project, put the audio clip that you want in the timeline then go to File > Open Other and pick Color. It will open a Color clip in the Source tab. The default length of a Color clip is 4 seconds. If you want to change it then set the length of the clip and press the O key to set the end point. Then bring the clip to the timeline and put it right up against the end of your audio. Then go to the Audio category that I showed you above and pick WAV not mp3. Mp3 is not appropriate for audio editing. Mp3 is a format you pick when you are finished not when you are editing and take audio clips in and out of programs because the quality will degrade after several exports. So since you are in the middle of editing pick WAV to export the audio. Then bring the exported audio back into your main Shotcut project then go to the part in the audio where the sound begins that you want to make echo till the end. Split the clip there and add the Delay filter. You may have to play around with the filter to get what you want.

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