How to save a project setup for future use

Hi people

All my projects right now use two video tracks and one audio, the audio track uses the same filters every time.

I export using the same custom settings every time.

Is there a way to save this setup so when i start a new project it just loads a blank project with all this setup?

Create a new project.
Set your video mode.
Add the 2 video tracks. Add the audio track.
Apply the filter(s) that you want to the audio track.
Save the file as a template.
The export settings don’t get saved to the project. You’ll need to select your custom export or just use the default export.

Sample template with 2 video tracks. 1 audio track with gain and balance filters.

Template .mlt (3.7 KB)


Thanks for the response!

Isnt this like just saving a project. If load it up and start adding assets and editing wont the autosave just override it.

Or can i open a mlt file after creating a new project and it will load the tracks and settings into the project?

Edit: I just tried it out and saved it in another folder under a new name before doing anything. Dont know why i didnt think of it right away lol slow moment

Create and save the template. Then open it and save as your project. Then add the video, image, audio etc. The template can be re used.

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