How to run melt on macos?

as a new mac user, I have read this and was able to run shortcut, but I didn’t find how I can run melt cmd. if someone knows please let me know how.
Thank you so much in advance.

See here: MLT - Documentation

Pourquoi voulez-vous executer melt?
Il démarre automatiquement quand vous lancez un export
Une seconde icône de SC apparait dans le dock pendant l’export

Why do you want to execute melt?
It starts automatically when you start an export
A second SC icon appears in the dock during export

Thank you @Elusien for your reply, I’m familiar with Melt, my only issue is as a new mac user is where it’s located so I can run it in the console (terminal).

Thank you @Namna for your reply, I use Melt to export my videos because it uses fewer resources than Shotcut+Melt combined.

I believe it should be “/Applications/”, but as I only have Windows systems I may be wrong.

Thank you @Elusien, that makes sense for me now since the actually is a folder that you can access files inside of it.

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