How to rotate video

I am by no means a Shotcut superuser, but have used it quite regularly to make fairly basic edits to videos.

I want to move all of my family videos of holidays, family parties, kids growing up, etc. to my computer, and in some cases edit them.

I have tried with my first one, and have ripped the video from a dvd onto my computer using VLC…I am unaware if Shotcut can rip from dvd, I need to check.

When I try to access the file in Shotcut, it says it is not in an editable format, so I then create the editable file as suggested.

Now the main issue, the entire video is rotated through 90 degrees. I have tried to use the rotate filter to rotate it -90 degrees back to normal, but it gets distorted from the original aspect ratio, and I don’t seem to be able to stop that happening, or correct it.

Some of these videos are quite old, and 4:3 aspect ratio. I have set the project aspect ratio to SD PAL in Video Mode settings, but this didn’t seem to help. Can someone point me to a tutorial or thread which may help me with this, as I can’t find anything. Many thanks.

Before getting too deep into this (and hopefully someone else can help you) but VLC ripping is quite limited. Have you tried converting your DVDs using something else like Handbrake?

It is a little trickier to use but has many more options and should solve the non-editable format, and maybe even your rotation issues (however, that could possibly be a metadata issue).

Try one and see how it goes.

Many thanks for this, only just seen it, been on the computer for what seems like hours. I seem to have solved the problem in VLC…after playing around with various settings, with no change, reset all the settings, with no change, was going to reinstall VLC, but did one last reset and 90 degree flip has disappeared. However, will give your suggestions a go also, always good to try new options.

Je ne comprend pas pourquoi vous voulez convertir vos vidéos DVD avec VLC ou Handbrake, alors que Shotcut sait ouvrir directement les fichiers VOB.

I don’t understand why you want to convert your DVD videos with VLC or Handbrake, when Shotcut can open VOB files directly.

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