How To Rid Of Glitches & Stutters When Play Head Is Moving From One Clip To Another Clip It Is Really Annoying

On the two video or audio files in the video of audio tracks mostly the same video or audio track the multiple clips in them when play head moves from one clip to another it gives a glitch and stutter how to ride of this

Hi @kensahotra
There are many factors to consider.
For example:

  • What kind of videos are you editing? 1080p? 4K?
    What frame rate? 25 fps? 30 fps? 60fps?
  • Does your computer meet the minimum requirements for the videos you are editing?

There are a few things you can try:

  • Use proxies

  • Enable Preview Scaling.

  • Convert your clips to Edit-Friendly
    Properties > Convert

  • Play with the settings in Settings > Player and see if it makes things smoother.

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